the chuckle brothers; it’s over

It had to happen I guess. Following the departure of KK from Newcastle Utd last week, yesterday saw his partner in comedy Terry ‘now then’ McDermott also leave the club. They made a fine double act, always good for a few laughs. Actually, now I think about it, they always looked f*cking miserable, as above. It was the rest of us who had the chuckles about the goings on at the Toon. What a shambles. Now King Kenny’s headed back to the circus, where now for El Tel I wonder?  Would uncle Jeff Stelling want another scouser on his show, Sky’s Soccer Saturday? One tosspot in Phil Thompson’s surely enough.



football forecasts: check this out

Well after my earlier posting saying how bored I was with the whole footie scene, suddenly it all kicks off. What a last 24 hours! And I have to say that several of my predictions have already kicked in:

–  Utd land Berbatov at last but what a frigging protracted saga. I got a call from my good mate Shay from the States a couple of hours before the transfer deadline, who’d just heard that Man City had made an audacious bid for the player. He’s a big Spurs fan (London boy) and was pissed that the club were considering selling a key player to a top 4 team. I think he could have lived with selling him to Bayern or Barca but Man U (or City) was too much after Keeno left for Liverpool. Fact is money spoke and once the bidding got beyond £30M, all those issues at board level at Spurs got forgotten (including the tapping up accusations against Man U). All very cynical. But I think the loan deal with F Campbell is inspired – how did Gill/Ferguson pull that off?

–  Wenger makes a last minute bid for Alonso. I said he was a great buy for Arsenal. But why did AW wait till the last minute to make the bid – by all accounts he had a £30M transfer kitty so why delay? I suspect AW wants to be viewed as the Prince of Parsimony because he feels the financial structure of the major clubs isn’t ethical. So was he looking for a last day bargain?  I suspect yes, but he’s short in midfield and I would have signed Alonso weeks ago. But despite having the money, AW missed out. Bad call in my view sorry PGOB but this was a player you absolutely needed in my view and could have had for less than £10M.

–  I said Curbishley would go soon but he has left within frigging hours. Bilic must be in the frame.

–  I also said Thaksin would sell up his interests at City but I didn’t figure he’d do it within 24 hours….So City are now owned by the Abu Dhabi bunch. Total fun. I cannot believe that they tried to high-jack the  Berbastov deal but I am absolutely delighted that they stole Robinhio from Kenyon’s grasp. Such fun. I can’t believe that Man City are backed by impossible wealth but bring it on. Roman Ab are you watching?–

–  Newcastle. I said it could implode and it looks like it’s about to happen wih Keegan’s apparent departure. Surely all they are discussing now is KK’s severance pay – it’ll no doubt be millions. Ah well Kev back to the football circus eh. They could go down. Sorry Lol.

Now that’s what I call a new season 08!!!!


The Magpies!

Disappointing news emanating from the Emirates last night but at least I was cheered to learn that iconic British film director Ridley Scott will be filming his homage to the great film maker Alfred Hitchcock. Ridley’s new film will be a re-making of the classic thriller, The Birds! Set in the remote north-east, The Magpies! will tell the tale of a once-great football club, isolated in the fog-strewn area of Tyneside, being torn apart by vicious vulturistic forces. Will the club survive the flocks of attacks or find themselves slipping slowly into the mire of banishment to the dark side in the…… Championship? Continue reading

newchucklebros united

Well I’m sorry Lawrie and other NU fans but for the rest of us it’s thoroughly enjoyable watching developments at St James’. It could be a melt-down as I keep saying, then again they have the talent and the resources and incredible fan support to get themselves out of their current mess. I suspect the world has moved on faster than KK realised upon saying yes to the challenge. That may have been Ashley’s one big mistake so far but it wouldn’t take much to change things I suppose. Whether he could resist offering the job to Shearer I don’t know. It looks like they might have to just go down the Shearer road to get it out of their system once and for all. Otherwise he’ll always be there in the background like a malign spectre for every struggling manager, a bit like Busby was for a succession of managers who followed him without success at Old Trafford. Continue reading

Fog on the Tyne

Well I wasn’t going to write anymore about the developing situation at Newcastle U but it just gets murkier doesn’t it? Last night they got thumped again by Arsenal. Even the cynical introduction of serial aggressor Joey Barton couldn’t inject any spark into his team’s performanace. On the upside he didn’t get arrested. At least they could unveil new appointee Dennis Wise whose title is Executive Director (Football). This morning’s reports quote Keegan as saying that Wise reports into him. Well I’m not sure Kev. They’re paying him something close to £1.5m pa by all accounts (my earlier estimate was way short of the mark) to work 2 or 3 days a week in London. How he must have struggled over the decision whether to stay at Leeds or take up that offer.

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a wise appointment for newcastle utd?

It’s hard to keep the Magpie’s out of the news now isn’t it. So little Kev makes his first signing today, Little Dennis Wise as Director of Football, or does he?

Rumours suggest this was more of a Chairman Mort appointment. So what do you read of that? That the Chairman wants someone to handle transfers instead of KK? If so, do you think that’s what it said on the tin when KK came back? It’s all very intriguing isn’t it? By all accounts Wise (and was ever a man so wrongly named?) really respects KK for selecting him consistently, during his ill-fated reign as England manager. Well that’s all right then, although KK was less than fulsome about Dennis’ appointment at today’s press conference. Is Dennis the Menace the right stuff in a figure-head role at St James’? You’ve got to think that his aggressive nature wasn’t what they were buying into, or was it? By all accounts Joey Barton was today named in the squad for the upcoming Arsenal match. Well never mind the assault charges eh! Perhaps we’re seeing a new Newcastle emerging – the aggressive little bastards of the Premier league. How long before Bellamy and Bowyer are back in toon?

spurs: an up and down kind of week

So Spurs came up against a truly mighty reds side and lost a decent game 3-1 in the FA Cup 4th round. I’m interested to know how Spurs fans feel at the end of a momentous week. The win against Arsenal was long overdue and thrilling, even for a northern footie fan. But today….?

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the third coming of kevin

Well as titles go that might draw in the porno crowd. Sorry to get back to football again but I’m still knocked out by the re-appointment of Kevin Keegan at Newcastle. It’s just so like Newcastle to go and do something like that. Well yesterday was their first match under KK since his return; at home to gritty Bolton, and it was awful. I wouldn’t say the honeymoon’s over but it wasn’t much of a first night was it?

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