Well Kylie duly appeared in something very skimpy, apart from the head-dress which was HUGE.  And she sang her stuff including CGYOOMH just for me (TYK). Then to close the show we had Dougie MacLean. Who? He must be big in Scotland and he sang something folksy but surely, surely it was crying out for the Proclaimers to close it on 500 Miles. Ah that was probably a bit of self-irony too far. So the final scene was the ‘whole cast’ singing Auld Lang Syne. There must have been at least 7 people on the largest stage and landing strip I’ve ever seen. Sigh. Anyway enough of my mocking, it was a great event and showcase for Glasgow, like the TdF was for Yorkshire. It’s been a good summer for highlighting what our great country has to offer beyond London I think.


the X factor?

More like Why? factor if you ask me. Surely I can’t be alone in thanking the Lord that I don’t have to endure any more programmes featuring Simon the Almighty Cowell, at least for a week. Is it just me or do you despair too of all this let’s find a new star stuff? It’s not the concept of unearthing new talent I object to a al Hughie Green. It’s just the bloody way he’s so controlling. Jeez we’ve had seemingly months of this latest show.

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Q Awards 2007

Did you catch the results of Q Magazine’s music awards for 2007? I caught them in the Indie earlier this week. These days I don’t often get excited enough to write about music stuff on the blog but these awards really captured my eye. It wasn’t the winners to be honest – some of them were fairly easy to forecast; Amy Winehouse for best Album (B2B), The Arctic Monkeys for best band in the world today(!), the Muse for best live act – not the Kaisers? No they got the best video award as an excuse to get them up on stage. No it was the categories that amused me, for example Kate Nash won the award for breakthrough act whilst The Enemy won best new act. Is the difference the best new artist/band? If so why not say that? There were a few more contemporary awards but I can’t remember the winners to be honest.

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