back for the olive picking

Well it’s been a while since I did a posting about Italy – simply because we haven’t been there for some time. C’s mum’s deteriorating situation throughout much of September and October meant that it was impossible for us to get out there. We knew the olives needed picking but they would just have to wait. After the funeral we set out the following week, just C and I. We hadn’t been there since taking S my grandson in the summer when we had to deal with the Birds! What would this visit throw up? Continue reading


a home in italy….just

This piece was originally e-mailed to friends in April 2006.

Like many people we had fallen in love with Italy after holidaying in Tuscany and Umbria. Two of our daughters already had lives of their own and we had been thinking about downsizing for a while and moving somewhere truly interesting, with semi-retirement in mind. My wife C found our ‘dream’ home on the internet after 15 months of searching. It was located in the Marche region – an area we weren’t familiar with. But we came twice on extended recces and fell in love with the house and the region. So began the roller-coaster process to buy the house and move to Italy. It was to prove a dramatic experience…..

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