Album Part 2

Just to let you know I’ve updated the Album posting with a bit more detail on why I made the particular selections. Check it out by following this linkĀ or pressing the previous button at the top of the page. I hope this helps turn it into more of a story rather than just a selection box and encourages you to let me know of one or two of your own favourite LPs and why. The hills are alive folks and what else are you doing eh?

pavaloving paulie


gaunty: ska/punk rock v cock-rock

Well early reports suggest that last night’s concert at the O2 by Led Zeppelin was pretty damn good. After 19 years apart you’d expect a little ring-rustiness. But all indications are that it was good enough to take out on the road. Hurrah! I was a little surprised to see Jimmy Page’s shock of white/grey hair and how ironic that the only guy to have lost his hair is Jason Bonham, son of the legendary Zep drummer John Bonzo B. I also can’t help thinking that Robert Plant who in his younger years was as handsomely chiselled as any man ought to be, has become a 10/10 lookie likey for Wurzel Gummidge. But if he can still charm women as attractive as Alison Krauss into the studio, who am I to talk? So universal approval then? Not quite, I just happened to catch the back end of Talksport’s John Gaunt comments this morning rubbishing the whole event. Continue reading

LedZep; were you there?

Ok it’s 11pm on Monday 10th Dec. If you were at the led Zep concert tonight (I know it wasn’t just them but does anybody really care who else was on?) and your name isn’t Paris Hilton, can you blog me with the details please? What did they play, how did they play, how’d they look, what did they encore to, did they make you rock or squirm, and, was it worth the wait? If it was crap, like most of the other attempts, I don’t want to know. But I’m guessing they were up for this one, big time. So come on, make my night, ‘s’been a long time since I rock and rolled.

paris hilton: big fan of led zeppelin?

Well tonight’s the night LZ play their tribute gig for Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records. I’d love to tell you that I’m heading there with my daughter S but it’s not to be, very sadly. But I saw them perform in the 70’s (see posting LZ: Whole Lotta demand for tickets, 13 Sept) so I can’t complain. Except that I am because I hear that Paris Hilton has tickets for the show. Now I’m guessing she didn’t get them through the ballot and I’m finding it hard to believe that the vacuous one is a big fan of Black Dog or Kashmir. That said I could argue a case for her theme tune to be Dazed and Confused. But she can’t be that dopey because she’s gonna be there whilst S and I won’t be. A real big fan Paris or is it just the place tonight at which to be seen and photographed? I wonder which is the real reason? Heartbreaker Hilton.


led zeppelin: whole lotta demand for tickets

Is it just me but what fantastic news, the Zep are going to re-form and perform at the O2. Of all the acts to perform there so far this has to be the one to absolutely nail the place on the map. My lovely daughter S, has suggested the two of us go – I’d so love to do that but I suspect the tickets will be massively in demand and impossible to get hold of.

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