t’yorkshire cup final

Ee it were reet grand ter see Donny beat dirty Leeds in t’league 1 play off final t’other day…. Sorry I can’t keep this up as the spell-checker’s ‘aving t’frigging apoplexy.

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dirty leeds

well i hear that dirty leeds have indeed gone into administration and cynical old bates does it this season with a game to go and relgation already certain. so they get 10 points deducted – ooh that must hurt – and all debts wiped out i guess. It’s a beautiful game but coming so soon after the west ham ruling i can’t help feeling there’s something rotten in the state of the administrative side of the game here. i mean it’s almost like imaging EUFA allowing a team caught attempting match-fixing and bribing of officials to take part in their most prestigious tournament, the Champions League. It just wouldn’t happen; would it….?