heading home

I wrote briefly in the recent posting ‘Back’ about the slightly tiring journey back to Italy. We’d been in the UK and at the wedding in Ireland for over 3 weeks and as much as we’d enoyed ourselves we were conscious of over-staying our welcome, particularly at E and S’s place. We’d also left our beautifully (and painstakingly) restored pool  replenished  with soft, crystal clean and very expensively-metered Italian mountain water in the hands of our good neighbour P. She was a little excited I think at the prospect of looking after it and using it in the August heat but she’d never taken responsibility for one before. I left copious instructions and we were a phone call or e-mail away if necessary, so I was fairly sure that P would be alright just topping it up with chemicals every few days. Even so, when we were invited to extend our stay by 4 more days to attend my nephew Russell and fiancee Rachel’s engagement party back uo north, we sadly declined because we really felt like we had to get back just in case. Pool’s are fickle things but nothing would go wrong, surely. Umm… we just thought let’s be fair to P and get back asap after the wedding. Continue reading


cooking for men (wddc): toasta bags, pasta and more great veg

Not the snappiest of titles eh? I’m thinking that I’ve got all this blogging lark completely wrong. All the sites I visit which appeal to my interests, tend to be single subject areas. You know what you get when you visit (Norwich) ‘City ’til I Die’ and ‘View from the Terrace’ etc – solid postings about specific (or general) interests in football. ‘Alex’s Cool Music’ site is all about the music scene of course. I rather like a site called ‘I am the Lost Girl’ because it’s got bang up to date info and rich comment on what’s happening in the entertainment world. ‘The Huffington Post’ is all about politics and the news and opinion around them yet pretty lively for all that. But you come to my site and it’s all over the place in terms of subject matter. In the last few postings I’ve rambled on about US politics, the strange but beautiful hoopoe bird, the Premiership managerial merry-go-round, even holidays where strange women have been rescued from the sea by clutching my swimming shorts and their contents. It’s hardly a common thread is it? Continue reading