I’ve written before about how much I enjoy watching the programme Wheeler Dealers, two guys who renovate modern classic cars and sell them on for a smallish profit. The other day I watched this episode where a mini is brought up to date by wrapping it in a very distinctive carbon fibre vinyl – the first mini in the world to receive this treatment:

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power futilities and slow payment

I think I mentioned in an earlier posting that after some quite unpleasant conversations with British Gas recently and being threatened with having our power cut off in time for Xmas, we learned that the company in fact owed us over £1000 from having over-charged us through mis-reading of our meters. Well after some argument, on 16 December my wife finally got them to agree to reimburse us but we had to accept it would take them 10 days to effect repayment. Let’s be gracious and accept too that they meant working days and let us also appreciate that there have been 3 bank holidays recently. But Xmas, New Year and 13 working days later we’re still waiting for payment to land in our account. And we’ve chased them three times since. What do you have to do to get the power companies to meet their obligations? Reason, plead or sue? Continue reading