Who’s up for the Cup?

[Sorry folks this is my second attempt to load this posting and, frustratingly, it’s meant yet another re-write. This is not the first time this has happened so I’m just trying to find out and rectify whatever the problem is. I hope this re-draft does justice to the original!  Yours, Mr Bloody Angry of Teddington]    

Well not many Premiership teams it seems. This week-end I went with my two great grandsons and son-in-law S to watch Milton Keynes Dons trounce Premiership (just about) side QPR away 4-2. We’re just nestled behind that melee of MK Dons players celebrating their second goal, as were we! MK Dons is the boys’ nearest League club and my eldest grandson’s in their Academy srtucture . This was too good an opportunity to miss as QPR are relativlely close to where we live in SW London.  Despite being two Divisons apart I  have to tell you it wasn’t even a close contest; QPR were simply out thought, outplayed and out of ideas. Was it a fluke result? Continue reading


manchester pride


Well as an antidote to the last posting, I can only just say woo hoo to the news that Man U defeated Barcelona 1-0 tonight to reach the final of the Champions League. Bring on Russia FC or the Scousers. It doesn’t matter now, it has to be Man U’s year. I tried to watch the game online but it was hopeless. Spookily the only bit I saw in real time and in glorious uninterrupted unbuffered action was Scholes’ sublime goal. And what a beauty (my dream is for my grandson S to become the next ginger genius in a few years time)  –  just like many of the goals I used to  score at 5 a-side (joke right). Perhaps the goal I dreamt about scoring… Who cares? It’s Moscow in a few weeks time and I promised Mike and Jake two tickets if we got there. Oops


football latest

Groan…why oh why does Sir Alex (Queiroz?) insist on picking sides to try and play tactically? All they needed today was a draw to effectively seal the Premiership title. So, of course, he makes 6 changes from the last match and picks a side designed not to lose. Always fatal. Fergie and Queiroz just can’t do it. Or at least the team can’t. It’s not in Man U’s DNA to play for draws; their instinct is to attack with thrilling pace and to scare the crap out of lesser teams with the quality of their attacking play.

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the FA Cup; the hard way

Well if Man U are to win the Cup this year they’ll have earned it the hard way having been drawn against Villa, then Spurs and now the Gooners in the 5th round. If they get through it’ll clearly be Chelsea away in the QFs, then Liverpool in the semis. At least it’ll only be Boro in the Final though their regular dumping on Man U must be coming more than a little tedious to Sir Alex. Continue reading

oh yeh gaunty?

I think I’m going to stop listening to John Gaunt on Talksport. I tend to listen in only because it runs through from the early morning Brazil show which is also quite reactionary but in a harmless/well-intentioned sort of way. JG’s more aggressively opinionated as I’ve said recently and it’s not to my taste. But this morning I heard him make a mess of some pronunciation and it made me smile. Continue reading

can you decipher desailly?

I watched MoTD last night just to have another look at the Man U v Russia match. It wasn’t a classic was it and there’s a lot of wailing on the radio phone-ins today about dodgy refereeing decisions and bias towards Man U. And that’s just the commentators. Whatever. It looked to me like Man U were clearly dominant and deserved the win. Chelski never had a decent shot on goal and Schevchenko really hasn’t got what it takes in the Premiership. Even with a benign management regime, he has to be taken off. He knows it too. If he had pace, it’s gone. Is that the biggest waste of money ever blown on a single player? Continue reading

OGS; you made me happy, when skies were grey

Sorry back to a footie posting but forgive me because this morning it was announced that one of my favourite and probably most unassuming of players in Man U’s recent history has retired. The player? Ole Gunner Solksjaer, whose last name Barry Davis, surely the High Priest of commentating pedantry, tried to convince us was pronounced Solz-yaye-ar-ah. Yeh just like your last name is pronounced as f*ckwit.

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sweet irony

well it’s man u’s prem title at last. oh yes.

isn’t life funny though? i personally think man u have played the best football this season and deserve to win it but it was so satisfying to know that it took a great arsenal performance to actually deliver the trophy. oh how i wished i could have tapped in to wenger’s innermost thoughts at the final whistle. i wonder if deep down he actually wanted that final shot from kolou to go in and thus maybe take man u to a searing show-down match down the bridge later this week. jose knows that the forthcoming game was his last opportunity to maybe snatch the title from the reds. as it is man u go there knowing the title’s in the bag. will there be a guard of honour from the russia fc players? will any russians actually turn up for the match – i mean roman won’t be there (has anyone seen him recently?) and shevva’s probably going to be in milan with his mates. ballack will be somewhere in germany with robben. but it will be great for we reds to tune in just to see the look on kenyon’s face when david gill goes to shake his hand in the director’s box. as alanis morrisette once put it, isn’t it ironic…… except her examples weren’t.