Quote unquote

Well I was amused, nay inspired, by a recent posting by JM quoting a former US President…

A Lincoln

Ha! And I thought wouldn’t it be fun to do a few spoof quotes on my business website, http://www.itswriteforyou.co.uk, where I have a section on Words of the Day, which has fallen into some disrepair. I’d intended to post an inspirational quote from somebody every day but I’ve become disillusioned by today’s media obsession with fatuous twitter quotes from vacuous c-list celebrities. It seems like nobody’s said anything meaningful since Mandela in his prime. So why not be creative with a few quotes then?

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I don’t now whether you caught the 2 hour tv drama ‘Margaret’ the other evening, but I thought it was only 2 Tory grandees short of being ┬ábrilliant. I carry no light for Mrs Thatcher and her politics mind you but this factional portrayal of the last days of her Premiership almost had me feeling sorry for the old twin-set and pearls handbagging milk-snatcher.

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