bbc football analysts

Is it just me or are the ‘expert’ analysers employed by BBC tv and radio for its football coverage just pants? Gawd knows on what basis they are selected beyond being ex-footballers of course. But surely there must be more to it than that. How about an ability to speak near-English, or with insight about the game, or amusingly with wit and verve, or with telling opinions or anything other than mindless cliches and statements of the bleeding obvious.

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can you decipher desailly?

I watched MoTD last night just to have another look at the Man U v Russia match. It wasn’t a classic was it and there’s a lot of wailing on the radio phone-ins today about dodgy refereeing decisions and bias towards Man U. And that’s just the commentators. Whatever. It looked to me like Man U were clearly dominant and deserved the win. Chelski never had a decent shot on goal and Schevchenko really hasn’t got what it takes in the Premiership. Even with a benign management regime, he has to be taken off. He knows it too. If he had pace, it’s gone. Is that the biggest waste of money ever blown on a single player? Continue reading