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I’ve been doing some catch up reading with Bill Bryson’s works. I do admire his writing style and content. And I found out an interesting answer to a question that has bugged me for years. I wouldn’t call it the most profound question of all time but when you’re in the supermarket and looking at that huge shelving system full of a range of exotic condiments, have you never wondered just what exactly is the difference between a herb and a spice? I imagined it was that herbs were grown locally (hence herbaceous borders?) and spices came from distant places like the East Indies and the Caribbean islands.  But Bill explained that it isn’t necessarily geographical (although I suspect that in 90% of cases it is). The answer is far more locally-based; herbs exclusively come from the leaves of plants whilst spices are taken from the woodier parts or the seeds or fruits. So there you go. Did you know that? Continue reading


Mind games

The last but one posting was entitled ‘Forgetfulness’, and it attracted a lovely comment from my very true friend Shay (who is forgiveable forgetfulness personified). But it was really a point about the mind’s incredible ability to delete lots of recent pretty useless data yet recall deep memory material as we get older. I guess it’s nature’s response to the brain cells dying off and having to prioritise. The human mind is just beyond awesome don’t you think? Continue reading

mr forgetful

I mentioned in a recent posting that I’d forgotten to take some pictures of the kids whilst they were here and how annoyed I was with myself. It’s not as if the boys are here very often and we’ll have no physical memories of their time here now. Then this morning I realised I hadn’t given E and S any of our olive oil to take home with them in the car. And they’d been good enough to save all their empty bottles for me.  To top it C had to remind me this morning that today is their 2nd wedding anniversary – I hadn’t said or done anything for them. Bloody hell.

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