Clothes Show and birmingham

I had a really good day today up at the NEC to see the Clothes Show with our clients Haymarket Publishing who put the whole event together. It’s a total girl’s day out to be frank but hey, even I enjoyed the experience. The main catwalk show is just brilliant. A very clever mix of models and dancers who put on a great performance. I know the 99.2% female audience were rooting for the great looking fellahs on the runway but 3 grizzled old male gits were smitten by the truly beautiful girls and Caprice’s lingerie collection was more than alright…

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kate moss, victoria beckham, katie price

Who are the 3 most photographed women in Britain (after the Queen perhaps)? It’s go to be Kate, Victoria (I know she doesn’t live here at the moment – don’t split hairs) and Katie Price nee Jordan hasn’t it? That attractiveness is based to a large extent on their good looks right but is it just me or does anybody else out there find them quite unattractive?

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