go girl

Picture the scene; a West end musical attended by 950 women, 12 gay guys and me. All about a blonde bimbo who wants to make it at Harvard Law School. Nope not my usual choice for an entertaining afternoon. But this was my wife’s and eldest grandson S’s birthday weekend. Saturday saw us have a huge family meal (sadly minus S who was with his daddy ) at a fantastic Italian restaurant in nearby St Margaret’s called Brocca. Trust me it’s as good as anything we found in Italy. So family-oriented and great food. On the Sunday it was just C and I and a trip to see newly-opened Legally Blonde at the lovely art deco Savoy Theatre. My surprise gift. A frantic journey to get there but we made it literally as the curtain went up. Was it worth it?

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martina the musical

Have you read today about a new musical which is opening down under this week? Incredibly it’s about the life of Australian spin bowler Shane Warne, or ‘Warnie’ as he is affectionately known by Bruce and Sheila. You’d think that a musical celebrating anything to do with cricket, even one about the greatest spin bowler ever (well, from Melbourne), might be a little humdrum but this is supposed to be a hoot. It’s less to do with his cricketing skills and everything to do with his love of food, bleached hair (and subsequent hair transplants), shagging  women other than his wife, cheesey flirty texting, pill popping, sledging, illegal Indian bookies, smoking and boozing. Yep an everyday tale about yer average Ozzie bloke. Except this one’s famous and, as the Carling ad might put it, probably the best (ie only) liked Australian cricketer outside Kangaland. Warnie himself thinks it’s an outrage but it sounds outrageously good fun to me and I’d love to see it. Continue reading

the rise of the barrowman

Is it just me or have you noticed a new phenomenon on the UK entertainment scene – the seemingly non-stop appearances of John Barrowman. Who he? Well I knew nothing of him until grandson S pointed him out to me on his favourite programme Doctor Who, from which he moved to a starring role in the DW spin-off Torchwood. After that he was in his element as one of the excitable judges on the BBC’s camp-fest search for a new Joseph, Any Dream Will Do.

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