the lottery; or is it?

Buying a lottery ticket has been an important part of our financial strategy this year; it’s also been the bit that hasn’t worked terribly successfully. We haven’t even got close to 3 numbers let alone 6. We don’t employ a lot of strategy about our number selection. Last week with the big rollover jackpot on offer, and for a change, C tried the birthdays routine and even got our beautiful grandson to draw numbers from a hat hoping that his innocence and sweet nature would melt the hearts of the Camelot Gods. Of course neither routine worked; would I be writing this blog with £18m in my pocket? Continue reading


probably the worst programme in the world

I know I was going on about how bad the UK soaps are at the moment but I realised last night that there is an even more truly awful programme on the telly; the National Lottery draw live. Given that winning the lottery is plan A in our financial strategy for sorting out our current situation, I’ve started to take notice of this little piece of broadcasting hell. Is it just me Lord or is it really, really bad? What is wrong with the BBC at the moment, they are just getting the simple things like programme integrity so wrong. I’m not saying The National Lottery draw is as apparently contrived as their phone-in competitions but the show’s structure is just so meagre and budget-starved and lacking in any sense of entertainment, even though it thinks it is as much fun as TISWAS. Not in the same millenium.

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