‘s prickwatch 2013


Who knows whether it’s true that the CIA and GCHQ are actually reading my postings but if they are here’s a little secret for them; one of my guilty pleasures is watching the Springwatch programme on the BBC. For the benefit of the guys in Langley, Virginia it’s a close up look at our wldlife in its most fertile season. It’s centred on a Welsh nature reserve and hosted by the dappy trio above and as you’d expect I have some foxy observations about them…. Continue reading


Well I think today’s the first day in at least a fortnight that it hasn’t rained. We’ve had a lot of weather recently – mostly of the very changeable kind. Morning’s have started bright and sunny but by mid-day big clouds come scudding over and by mid-afternoon it’s been blowing hard with torrential rain to follow. We’ve had great branches breaking from our trees, huge hailstone showers, the grounds been sodden and of course the bloody grass and weeds have been growing like topsy although it’s been too wet to cut the stuff. Have a look at these scenes from the window recently: Continue reading


Occasional readers of this blog may be aware of my phobia about snakes. I may have mentioned it a couple of times. So you may be interested to know I’ve had a close encounter of the dreaded slither kind, well almost. I forgot to mention in the last posting that as we were preparing to empty the pool I noticed what looked suspiciously like a snake lying on our slope bank down to the pool. Gulp. It was very still and I walked up gingerly to have a closer look, with a deadly garden hoe in hand… Continue reading

hoopoe – d’you know?

Picture the scene: old comb-over Robert Robinson, chairing the programme Call My Bluff, invites dear old dickey-bowed Frank Muir to identify the correct definition of the word ‘Hoopoe’. Is it, Frank, an old English word describing a rather uncomfortable disease afflicting the skin between the toes, or a word for an obscure tribe of native Americans found in the Dakotas who were sworn enemies of the Pawnee, or a type of hooch brewed by backwoodsmen in the tropical forests of N Australia which is so powerful it can cause teeth to drop out and for the Aussie male to be rendered incapable of any cultural appreciation whatsoever. Yes Frank, it is popular throughout Australia.

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