I’ve written before about how much I enjoy watching the programme Wheeler Dealers, two guys who renovate modern classic cars and sell them on for a smallish profit. The other day I watched this episode where a mini is brought up to date by wrapping it in a very distinctive carbon fibre vinyl – the first mini in the world to receive this treatment:

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Sadly we’ve had to say ciao to our lovely daughter E, son-in-law S and our two fabulous grandsons S and G who set off last night for the drive back to the UK. They texted late to confirm they has made Piacenza for the night and are already on the road heading for the Gotthard tunnel and Switzerland. We’re already missing them badly although we have youngest daughter S and husband I here for another day before they too head back tomorrow, with C. Then it’ll be just R and me here in Italy for a spell. Continue reading

nappy you hear!

Did the brain see what it wanted to? Bet it caught none of you out. If not, ‘happy new year!’ properly. But let’s hope that 2009 is a lot more successful for all of us eh! Mind you I said that about 2008 and it’s been and gone without much positive impact. Never mind. I have fond memories of years ending in 9 so I’m hopeful this is going to be a breakthrough 12 months. And on the subject of numbers  we’ve just passed the 75,000th visit to the site, which is staggering. Many thanks to everyone who’s checked in to Pasta Paulie’s postings – unbelievably we’re heading for the 500th on the site. Where on earth did all this ranting and raving come from…?  The hosts of critics who said I was full of it were obviously right. 


50 up and ’07 over

Well this is the 50th posting this month. I’m delighted to say that we’ve gone through the 2500 visits target to the site in December – looks like it’ll be somewhere close to the 2,800 mark. That’s brilliant and slightly staggering to be honest so thank you all for checking in. Continue reading