I think I’m beginning to be accepted as a local. I pop into my local shop every morning (bar Sundays) to get my copy of the i newspaper. For the first month or so I was dibbing into our loose change jar to pay for it as I thought this would help the shopkeeper. When I got down to the shrapnel I started paying for it on my card. Two or three weeks ago the owner said to me, look if you pay for the paper with cash, it costs me an admin fee to hand it into the bank. And because I pay a commission on every card transaction, I actually lose money when you pay each day with your flexible friend.  I pondered for a second if he was about to ask me to take my business elsewhere. But he quickly noticed a look of disappointment creeping across my face and said, so why don’t you just come in and take your paper each morning and settle up on a Saturday for the week. That way I make a small profit  and you don’t have to queue. I said you must trust me. And he said of course you’re one of my best regulars now. Well I could not have felt more welcomed.   Continue reading


and another thing

Whilst I’m on the subject of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, did any of you catch this weekend’s News of the World? No? It’s front page no less brandished a picture of 3rd place jungle mate and singer Cerys Mathews in her undies showing more bum than was advisable. Why? I don’t know, well I do know but I cannot pretend to justify it. She had a fling in the jungle with some unknown bloke from one of the soaps and felt like she had to share her feelings with us in her panties. Why not love? It’s probably the natural way to want to express yourself. And of course we got her love-mate’s expression of his undying love for her too, proclaiming that he wants her to have his babies. Fortunately he managed to keep his togs on.

Is it just me or is it a sad thing when the most important news feature in the whole world justifying a front page splash is this piece of nonsense. It’ll last a month before he’s off with some footballer’s ex-missus and she’s off with some cameraman, with a S African accent. Give me strength.