Let’s face it the last week or so has been really chilly and overcast with a bit of snow thrown in for good measure. It’s bloody mid-April for goodness sake. Popped out to get my paper at 6.30am and it was cold again (boo) but lovely and bright (hurrah). Carol was due to head off at 10am to Finmere to see her beautician and I needed to deliver a parcel to the Post Office and get some plant gifts from M&S before C left. It was only a few hours later but I couldn’t believe the change in the temperature. I’d only gone 50 yds and had to take off my top and walk around in just a T-shirt. It was so warm. OMG I thought, spring had sprung at last. Continue reading

Stratford waterways

I love walking by water. I think being raised near Blackpool then spending 3 years at Aberystwyth Uni gave me a deep love of the seaside amble. If we could spend our twilight years in some cottage in Cornwall directly overlooking the sea with easy access to the beach (and a private jet to see my family), I’d die a happy man.

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