is it me or are some people just a little odd?

Well we’ve just been over to Italy for an end-of-season break. I’ve got several frustrating stories to re-tell involving online access (ha!), car rental pain and the damage caused to our home by our so-called guests. Sigh. I’ve got a lulu of a story concerning an eggcup for you but that’s an uovo posting for a nuovo night. Truth be told we needed a break and the weather was lovely, we had a great time catching up with our neighbours and friends and we got such a lot of work done on the place whilst relaxing too. ¬†As ever we’d slotted into the Italian lifestyle so easily and, despite all the frustrations, by the end it was hard to snap out of it and head back to the UK. To be honest if I were to take our beloved family and few closest friends (and the work of course) out of the equation, I’d have real difficulty saying where I felt most relaxed and naturally at home now; here or Italy. Anyway we’re back and I’m desperately trying to find the time to catch up on my blogging. Tonight’s theme; people, more especially their odd behaviour. Continue reading