to poll and to paul

There’s a new feature which has been added to my blogsite facility which will allow visitors to the pasta paulie site to vote on topics of my own choosing. It sounds great fun, rich in potential and I’m going to try and introduce it later in this posting (ie assuming my attempts at registration etc have worked). It’s been developed by the WordPress team who run the platform for these blogsites in conjunction with some other company and, in celebration, the boss of WordPress (some bloke who looks like a 15 year old kid) has posted an interesting picture of his WP team on our bloggers’ dashboards.  Of which more later….. Continue reading

office admin….and numbers

You may have detected a reluctance on my part to embrace bureaucracy – especially if you’d read my recent posting on tax returns (still not done). I hate forms and office processes and corporate nonsense. At BT we had to produce tons of meaningless stuff just to satisfy the God of Being Seen To Do The Right Thing; personal development plans, annual appraisals (the form was always more important than the guidance), personal/team/dept/LoB targets blah,blah, blah. Once I’d left and set up my own company I thought I’d left all that behind. Of course it’s still there – in a different form but I’m no fonder of it.

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