DHL hell

Well it’s been another short break from the blogging. We’ve been away in Italy to collect the olive harvest with our great friends L and S helping us pick the fruit.  I can’t believe yet another year has rolled by. Was this our fourth or fifth harvest? Either way we had a lovely week there and did really well with the crop. Thanks to L and S we collected all the fruit in just over two days – 92+ kilos in total, more than 200 lbs. Not our best harvest but bloody good considering I’ve not had chance to prune the trees that well in the last 12 months. I’ve got some serious supplies to get out to my olive tree adoptors now. If you’re following the postings get in touch folks!

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olive picking

Well it’s been a lovely mild week here and it’s given us a chance to get a lot of the olives picked and processed before heading home next week. It was apparent that the fruit was ripenning quickly although up until yesterday absolutely nobody around here was picking the fruit. For the last couple of weeks we noticed that a few olives were beginning to fall from the trees. Remembering how we lost quite a bit of fruit last year through droppage (we were late harvesting because of Isobel’s illness and we couldn’t get over here earlier to pick the fruit), we decided to get on with it. I’d like to think that the sight of us up our ladders sparked a frenzy of activity because everybody’s started picking now. It’s humbling to be viewed as Il Duce of the Olive Groves. Ha!

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