medical update

Well I went for the consultant’s examination on my possible narrow angle glaucoma problem and the outcome was…..all positive. Woo hoo. I don’t have to have my eyeball popped out and cut into with a scalpel. On the down-side I do have to be nice to people and little animals now and it’s also just cost me £500 for two pairs of new glasses; one for near stuff and a pair now for driving and long distance viewing. Ah well at least I can see properly again and I’ve avoided the worst operation imaginable (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean).

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I’ve been wearing glasses for, phew, probably 10 years now. I started with the reading glasses you get in Boots etc and self-tested on the reading card to get the right lenses. Once I got beyond 3x magnification I realised I had better get my eyes tested at the opticians and invest in some proper glasses. By this time I’d developed the habit of wearing the specs for close attention work; reading, using the computer etc, then shoving the glasses to the top of my head to speak to people and so on as I didn’t need the specs for distance viewing. Like this:

But I also developed the habit of taking the glasses off and putting them down – often leaving them somewhere, frequently losing them. This wasn’t such a bad problem when I was paying £10 for the reading glasses, but prescription glasses were considerably more expensive. It didn’t stop me losing them. Continue reading