Goodbye Mum

Well it’s been a difficult week or so. My mum had left some directions about her funeral arrangements and I imagine there are always some family issues around the delivery of those very personal final wishes. The odd thing is how my mother’s death brought us together as a family after some initial difficulties over interpretation. We had a kind of shake-down and after that all went pretty smoothly in the planning. We even had the most positive and light-hearted interview with Michelle, possibly the best funeral director I’ll ever come across.

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It’s a year today since C’s mum Isobel passed away. It doesn’t seem that long to be honest though much has happened to us during that time. I wrote about my fondness and respect for Izzy back then so won’t repeat myself. But C has been a little reflective this morning, understandably, and she’s gone off to spend a little time on her own. I know she misses her mum enormously still and I’m suddenly conscious that I haven’t called my folks for a few weeks now. Yep I can be a crap son too, not deliberately, but I really could try and be a bit more thoughtful at times.