penalty shoot outs – arghhh!

Well that’s it. I can’t stand another penalty shoot out involving an England team. I listenned to the under 21 Euro Champs semi-final in the car on the way home from Brighton. The match itself wasn’t up to much but the drama of the penalties was just sensational on the radio. What must it have been like on TV? Carol had gone into Tesco’s to do some shopping for dinner when the penalties started. She literally got back in the car just as the final penalty had been scored. I just said England have just lost 12-13 on pens in a semi-final. She must have seen that look on my face, as if I’d just awoken from a recurring nightmare, and said ‘not again babe’. Oh yes it had happened again; England going out of the latter stages of a major tournament on bloody, bloody, sodding penalties.

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