knock, knock…

Another snippet from the radio yesterday on Hawksbee and Jacobs’ excellent afternoon show on Talksport (in my view the station’s best programme). Their studio guest (sorry I didn’t catch who it was) was talking about being brought up in Northampton and describing the game he used to play – ‘cherry knocking’. Up in the north west we used to call this ‘knock a door and run’ – rapping on someone’s door and running off or hiding behind a hedge etc. More childish pranks I know – something of a theme this morning. But it was interesting to hear how the same game was known around the country. For example in London it’s called ‘knock down ginger’, ‘ring bang scoosh’ in Glasgow and ‘knock knock howdo’ in Middlesbrough (not sure they fully get the run-away concept on Teesside). In America it’s apparently referred to as ‘ring ring run’ – well they always did have more technology than we Brits, even on their front doors. Any games/japes you remember with particular affection from your youth and what were they called?


ps not many responses yet but I did find this vid on you tube of some guys who do stunt ‘freezes’ in unusual places. This was done in the main concourse of Grand Central Station. Some very interesting reactions!

grange hill

Well it’s over the hill now for the long-running kids tv programme as it was announced yesterday that it’s about to be axed at the end of the year. It’s of no particular concern to me – it was always something my kids enjoyed rather than me. But they were discussing it last night on Richard Bacon’s late night radio show. They were discussing some of the notable plot-lines from the TV programme’s 30 year history and then asked listeners to e-mail them with examples of their school day pranks etc. One was an actual belter; this guy described how he and some mates released 3 sheep into his school (I think it was mirroring a prank shown in GH) and they painted the numbers 1, 2 and 4 onto the side of the sheep. The animals were quickly rounded up by the staff of course, but the teachers then spent hours hunting around for ‘missing’ sheep 3…. Ewe pranksters! Childish, yeh but it made me smile. Oh and which popular quiz show shared the theme music with GH? Listen below…