really annoying people

I’ve been catching up with lots of UK tv as you can tell from recent blogs and whilst it is immeasurably better than Italian telly in terms of general quality (although nothing comes close to matching their presenters), it’s still full of truly annoying people. And I’m sure it can’t be just me.

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radio ga ga bro

Well whilst we were back home quite accidently I heard two guys I know really well on the radio (in one case, I’ve known him all his life). On the first occasion I was just doing the after dinner dishes at E’s, Radio 4 on in the background with End the Week or Loose Ends perhaps when I heard the unmistakeable voice of Maurice Collins. Maurice was one of the founder members of a self-help group for families with handicapped kids, called Kith and Kids. We joined the group after R was born and it was a tremendous support for us during those early years. The group was full of interesting and really strong people and fascinating kids. Maurice was one of the leading lights and he and his wife remained highly involved even though their own child had grown up and long since moved on in life. We lost touch with the group when we moved from London to Buckingham when R was 10, more than 20 years ago. We’ve had no contact with Maurice since then but his distinctive voice was instantly recognisable.

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yet another interview

This time I thought it would be interesting to listen in on an interview between Alan Green, the highly opinionated football commentator (‘disgusted’ of N Ireland) who comments on everything under the sun bar the actual game he’s watching and Steve MCClaren, prize tosspot, luckiest man alive and newly-appointed manager of FC Twente, following his sacking and £2.5m pay-off from the FA after his hopeless tenure as England’s worst ever manager and recent lucrative media career as ‘expert’ pundit for the BBC at the Euro 2008 tournament.

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mike parry; the mangler

Have you nerticed how Mike Parry, Talksport’s barmy presenter, has a habit of mangling people’s names? He either gets them totally wrong or mispronounces them horribly – especially if they are foreign names. I’ve also noticed that the same affliction affects Sir Bobby Robson. Picture the scene then in the Talksport studio, Mike Porky Parry is conducting an interview with Sir Bobby and they are discussing the key players to watch out for at Euro 2008…. Continue reading

blackpool v the stones

I heard a quirky little news item on the radio (online) tonight which made me a little nostalgic for the UK. The leader of Blackpool Town council, Christopher Thistlethwaite (actually that wasn’t his name, it was the name of a class friend at school but it sounds very Lancastrian), has just issued a civic decree renouncing the 44-year ban placed by the Town Fathers on the Rolling Stones preventing them from performing in the town. Eh?

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One of the things that WordPress provides you with as blog site host is a bunch of daily stats about visits to your site, links through and search terms that people use in finding your site. There are certain search words that come up every day. I once did a posting about Fern Britton and Carol Vorderman entitled Sexy Ladies and unsurprisingly that’s one search expression which features a lot in my inbound list (and right across the internet I’d guess).

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steve harley; cock ‘n er..bull

I’d kind of forgotten about old Steve Harley to be honest. I’d occasionally caught his evening radio 2 show ‘Sounds of the 70’s’ but I found it a bit too self-indulgent – all that me and Charlie Watts were best mates stuff, grates very easily. Tell us something fascinating or even mildly interesting about the characters you’d met or don’t bother and just play the music is my attitude. I’d even caught him being a tipster on some radio show – he’s a big fan of the horses by all accounts. So why this posting? Well the Independent did a 5 minute interview with him this morning – he gets a free plug out of it for his and Cockney Rebel’s upcoming UK tour. It was very short but knee deep in bullsh*t. Continue reading

grange hill

Well it’s over the hill now for the long-running kids tv programme as it was announced yesterday that it’s about to be axed at the end of the year. It’s of no particular concern to me – it was always something my kids enjoyed rather than me. But they were discussing it last night on Richard Bacon’s late night radio show. They were discussing some of the notable plot-lines from the TV programme’s 30 year history and then asked listeners to e-mail them with examples of their school day pranks etc. One was an actual belter; this guy described how he and some mates released 3 sheep into his school (I think it was mirroring a prank shown in GH) and they painted the numbers 1, 2 and 4 onto the side of the sheep. The animals were quickly rounded up by the staff of course, but the teachers then spent hours hunting around for ‘missing’ sheep 3…. Ewe pranksters! Childish, yeh but it made me smile. Oh and which popular quiz show shared the theme music with GH? Listen below…