It’s the little things that drive you mad

Well after 100 days the Premiership resumed last night. As Jack Bruce once sang, I’m so glad. But it was a strange experience ¬†wasn’t it without spectators? Yet another thing this bloody crisis has shown the true value of is the humble fan. Without them turning up in there 1000’s at quite ridiculous costs, the spectacle just isn’t the same. The skill and artistry is all there but the critical ingredient in making the event exciting is not the sodding tv coverage after all but the passionate fans. Maybe now the clubs will appreciate them more. Nay cherish them. Nah it’s not going to happen is it? Continue reading


graham poll: taxing

Is it just me or has Graham Poll become an even bigger prick now that he’s given up refereeing? He’s been signed up by the BBC (it could only be them) I imagine to present a different point of view on the subject of football. To be honest I applaud that thinking. Any football chat format which involves just footballers and/or ex-footballers and opinionated presenters drives me to distraction. I long for an alternative voice in there – you know the voice of the (articulate) fan (I guess that’s what made Soccer AM so enjoyable) or the administrator maybe or the unbiased pressman (as on Sunday Supplement). So I can see that the voice of officialdom could be an interesting angle. Good idea but wrong frigging ex-official.

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