do we really really want a spice girl reunion?

No of course not. The world’s moved on and the Spice Girl’s have at least 7 kids between them and only one husband. They should be heading for the Trisha Goddard show rather than a world tour but that’s life under a Brown Government I guess. Is it just me or is this simply a cynical excuse to try and make a lot of money from re-hashing the back-catalogue? Everyone’s seen what a brilliant job Take That have done in re-forming. But at least those guys wrote some decent new material and brought out a new album to coincide with their tour. The timing was perfect too, exploiting the dramatic downturn in Robbie Williams’ own fortunes. Oh how Gary and the other lads must have enjoyed that having been snubbed by RW when their initial reunion was captured on film for a TV documentary. But the Spice Girls aren’t bothering – it’s just another rehashed ‘hits’ album backed by a tour. Grim….

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