Richard the Absurd


So I’ve written about Richard Madeley before. He is a strange one isn’t he? He exudes puppy-like energy and eagerness to please and he’s always upbeat which are all likeable enough traits but he opens his mouth and turns into a complete prick. He just can’t stop himself.

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really annoying people

I’ve been catching up with lots of UK tv as you can tell from recent blogs and whilst it is immeasurably better than Italian telly in terms of general quality (although nothing comes close to matching their presenters), it’s still full of truly annoying people. And I’m sure it can’t be just me.

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As the red tops know there’s nothing like a clever punny headline to capture lots of interest; and that’s nothing like a clever headline. Anyway have you seen the recent C4 adverts for a new programme to be hosted by Alex Zane called Rude Tube? It’s a celebration of the top 50 good, bad and the simply shocking clips appearing on youtube and the like. In other words it’s the online equivalent of You’ve Been Framed which spawned Kirsty’s Home Videos. You’ll be pleased to note that as well as all the latest user-generated stuff there are also some rude TV outtakes, an idea first covered by It’ll Be Alright on the Night and copied by Harry Hill’s TV Burp. Plus there’ll be some crazy ads but hang on doesn’t Tarrant on TV do that?

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underpants; it’s pants

Is it just me or has the media world got its knickers in a right old twist over men’s underpants recently? It’s impossible to move through the pages, flick across the channels or tune across the stations without coming upon (I could have phrased that better) men’s undies. I’ve got to blame David Beckham for the recent spurt (I’ll try and stop sounding like Julian Clary in a minute) in interest in the last taboo of the male wardrobe. He had to go and pose like an Italian stallion in his Armani underpants displaying his six pack and his sex pack. Can you think of any other bloke who’d go and do that other than an image-obsessed model….and Freddie Lundberg, which is more or less the same thing.

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