not so dumb royals

I think I told you earlier that I’m helping out at my super son-in-law’s super film company a couple of days a week. One of the nice things about the assignment is that our offices are superbly located virtually overlooking Buckingham Palace, home of course to Phil and Lizzie Windsor and their dysfunctional brood of liggers. You musn’t let my affection for our wonderful Royal family get in the way of a good view. You see whilst I am responsible for dragging the average age in the office up from a youthful 23 to something closer to 50, I was very lucky to have been assigned a desk by the window. Old man’s privilege. And over the last few weeks I’ve witnessed several Changes of the Guard and thousands of ordinary people dolled up in their finest togs waiting patiently in line to join Her Maj at one of her garden parties. But those queues are nothing compared to the ones which have begun this last week to go and visit ‘that dress’.

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