oh I like it when they respond

Regular readers will know that from time to time I’ll write something complimentary about people in the media spotlight. And sometimes I might write something which is a little less flattering about celebrity A or politician B or desperate wannabee/has been C (surely not, I hear you cry). And just occasionally the targets of my acidic little critiques will stumble across my posting as they Google their name, no doubt in the vain search for public adoration. And a few are confident enough to come back and give as much as they get via the comments box. I love that. Continue reading

Russell the muscle and the moyles

Is it just me or are Russell ‘the love-muscle’ Brand and Chris Moyles the most over-rated, unfunny, over-exposed pair of media pricks? Everyone tells me how entertaining, witty and outrageous they are, and what a brilliant job they’ve done ‘rescuing’ C4 and Radio 1. Really? I know the audience figures support that and I must be out of kilter with the general, youthful audience out there but I just don’t get their appeal.

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