the joy of sport

Ah the moment when the Molinaris pulled a hole back on the 18th to square the match against the Americans to ensure that the European Ryder Cup team took 5 and a half points today to set up a 3 point lead going into tomorrow’s final day. ¬†And they were 2 points down at the start of today. Marvellous stuff. And if that wasn’t enough, ¬†homely Blackpool only went to Anfield this afternoon to play the mighty Liverpool and beat them deservedly 2-1 to confirm Liverpool’s status as a bottom 3 side. Who’d a thunk it eh? What can I say, it’s a fantastic day to be a sports fan if you’re a Europoolphile. Joy is tangerine coloured…..



faldo; captain not very sensible?

I’m not sure Faldo’s going to come through as a successful European team captain as we look forward to the final day of the Ryder Cup. He’s been an odd choice to me and he’s done very little so far during the event that’s impressive or inspirational.

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poulter; the unfathomable Ryder Cup selection

Well they all said that Nick Faldo’s appointment as The European Ryder Cup team captain would prove controversial. He’s never been liked by many of his peers and last night he demonstrated even more capacity to upset the golfing fraternity by selecting his one close mate on the circuit, Ian Poulter, to be one of his two wild card picks for the Ryder Cup team. Whilst most people would applaud his selection of Paul Casey for the other wild card, there has been almost universal disbelief at Poulter’s selection over the claims of Darren Clarke and Colin Montgomerie. Continue reading