Well I suppose it was inevitable that someone born around mid November should have scorpions feature in their life at some point. Last night we had our first scorpion of significant size (albeit a bit smaller than above) appear in the house. There he was, large as life and black as coal right in the middle of the wall leading upstairs…to our bedroom!!  Cue scary music.

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back for the olive picking

Well it’s been a while since I did a posting about Italy – simply because we haven’t been there for some time. C’s mum’s deteriorating situation throughout much of September and October meant that it was impossible for us to get out there. We knew the olives needed picking but they would just have to wait. After the funeral we set out the following week, just C and I. We hadn’t been there since taking S my grandson in the summer when we had to deal with the Birds! What would this visit throw up? Continue reading