bad week for the gooners

Well I was saying that Arsenal might suffer a reaction after that disinterested performance they put in against Man U in the FA Cup on the basis that once momentum is lost it is hard to turn on great performances just like that. Their overall game against AC Milan in mid-week actually looked alright but they ended up with a goalless draw and the away match will be difficult for them. Yesterday they had one of those games against Birmingham City and again came away with a draw. But they lost more than 2 points of course. That dreadful tackle, which was more clumsy than malicious I think, has robbed them of an in-form player for the rest of the season. That was bad enough but they seemed to lose their cool too yesterday – understandably upset at the injury to Eduardo and increasingly frustrated by some of the decisions that went against them yesterday. Although they remain 3 points clear at the top of the table, they had a resigned, losing look about them. That said I was pleased to hear that Wenger had modified his immediate post-match comments about Taylor. That was appropriate.

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Newcastle and Manchester, united in disappointment

Not a good day for Newcastle yesterday. It seems that Nigel Pearson has already had enough of the new Keegan regime and has resigned as assistant manager – or whatever title he had at the club. That didn’t take long and wasn’t the greatest shock – after Keegan’s failed wooing of Shearer to be his number 2. You wouldn’t have been terribly impressed with all that if you’d been Pearson would you?

I knew Nigel a bit – he was club captain at Middlesbrough when we first sponsored the team and he always struck me as one of the few principled footballers I ever came across. So I wasn’t surprised when his resignation was announced. Anyway he was off in the morning and yesterday afternoon NU got a real tonking from Aston Villa.

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wham bam goodbye sam

Well we’ve been forecasting it for weeks and tonight Newcastle U have sacked Sam Allardyce. I take no pleasure seeing anyone lose his job but Sam’s appointment always looked a mis-match and he’s been dead man walking since the new guy took over ownership. I note they allowed Sam one poke at the transfer market to see how he fared and he made a bid for Wes Brown but Man U weren’t interested. Nor too was Wes by the look of it and I’m sure the owners must have thought that if Sam can’t attract a Man U squad player, what chance would they have attracting top players all the way up to Geordieland? None is the answer so they’ve withheld the money and got rid of Sam instead. It makes sense not to throw more money at a problem that wouldn’t go away – Allardyce couldn’t handle that particular job.

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