smile…. though your heart is aching


As far as the fortunes of two Prime Ministers are concerned, I don’t think Nat King Cole could have phrased it any better. Take poor old Silvio. All he does – allegedly – is have countless affairs and very public dalliances over the years with a succession of very pretty young girls, buy them trinkets and turn up to their 18th birthday parties (having failed to attend any of his own children’s 18ths) in Napoli (he was just passing by) and appoint them to senior positions in his Government. And what happens? His exasperated, long-suffering and no doubt humiliated  wife Veronica only goes and calls the media (the one bit not controlled by her husband) and publicly demands a divorce. Who’da thunk it?   Continue reading


hi ho silvio-o

Well we have a new PM over here – not that we were involved in any way – the old silver fox himself, Silvio Berlusconi. I think that makes it his third time at 71 years young, as Hughie Green used to say. I use the word ‘young’  deliberately because here’s a guy who’s looking younger than ever. Honestly Silvio’s been on the box non-stop over the last month or so – which isn’t terribly surprising given that he controls most of the media over here – and it’s been hard not to recognise a certain re-crafting of the ageing features of Italy’s favourite political seducer, viz:-

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