reality tv; the public’s revenge

Now come on, why would you want to vote for a sorry old bloke who can’t sing and looks like a refugee from a hippy colony in a high-profile talent competition? Because I sense the public have had enough of the squabbling (amongst the judges!) and being milked by the likes of Simon Cowell and his blessed record/music business. And they are voting for Wagner at the expense of far better singers in the hope, I believe, that they can secure a very unlikely (and in Cowell’s case presumably highly unwelcome ) winner of the X Factor. ┬áDo you think Simon and Syco Music will fancy their chances of a Xmas No1 next year with this Brazilian sherbert?

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Britain’s got…..talent?

You’ve got to admire Simon Cowell; his programmes the X Factor and Pop Idol are massive hits almost everywhere and now ITV clear their schedules to allow his latest show, Britain’s Got Talent, to dominate our night-time screens. It’s only the prospect of the two best teams in Europe squaring up in the Champions’ League final which keeps BGT off the TV this evening. It’s massive and yet it’s mostly just….. rubbish. Is it just me? Continue reading

the X factor?

More like Why? factor if you ask me. Surely I can’t be alone in thanking the Lord that I don’t have to endure any more programmes featuring Simon the Almighty Cowell, at least for a week. Is it just me or do you despair too of all this let’s find a new star stuff? It’s not the concept of unearthing new talent I object to a al Hughie Green. It’s just the bloody way he’s so controlling. Jeez we’ve had seemingly months of this latest show.

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ant and dec: shock 3 times winners in tv vote

A bit of a cynical headline I guess but 3 more gongs for the unlikely lads at the National Television Awards the other night. I’m sure the voting was all above board this time because they are just everybody’s favourite presenters aren’t they? All that talent, so little height. If ever there was a misnomer for an event it has to be the NTA don’t you think? Continue reading