cooking (for men who don’t do cooking): salad and great fries

I was talking to my good friend CC the other week as we were driving up to see the guys at Old Trafford. CC’s quite a bit younger than me but his Bob genes have exploded early in his genetic make-up and he just loves cooking too. He was asking why I hadn’t done a cooking fmwddc posting for ages. I don’t know really – I think it’s because I enjoy the actual cooking process a lot more than the writing up of the menu instructions. Anyway I’m in the mood again inspired by having prepared a really refreshing salad just recently. Maybe it’s all these early spring days and just having a day’s dietary holiday from all those winter recipes. Continue reading


cooking (fmwddc), winter veg and soup

Haven’t had chance to do a cooking posting for ages. I think I was going to do one on the magnificent chicken but that’s getting a little ahead of things I reckon. So far we’ve just covered mashed potatoes and variations on that theme. So I thought we could just explore potatoes and other winter vegetables for a while. I think it might be good to explore major food staples pretty extensively before moving on.

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