what’s it all, about ralfie?

I have to admit I’ve never been a big fan of Ralf Little. Firstly the spelling of his christian name, is that for real Ralf or an actor thang? Then I never really got into the Royle Family. I thought the premise was ok but none of the characters was likeable to me or admirable. It’s easy to mock northern life and the joke wore thin on me too quickly. Ralf’s character just seemed like the most pathetic of a pretty dense bunch. Then Ralf appeared in all those celebrity football events and programmes and he just seemed to be so irritatingly self-satisfied as it was possible to get. That jokey big mates stuff with the Soccer AM crowd used to drive me nuts in particular – I know it’s probably just envy on my part.

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ant and dec: shock 3 times winners in tv vote

A bit of a cynical headline I guess but 3 more gongs for the unlikely lads at the National Television Awards the other night. I’m sure the voting was all above board this time because they are just everybody’s favourite presenters aren’t they? All that talent, so little height. If ever there was a misnomer for an event it has to be the NTA don’t you think? Continue reading