steve harley; cock ‘n er..bull

I’d kind of forgotten about old Steve Harley to be honest. I’d occasionally caught his evening radio 2 show ‘Sounds of the 70’s’ but I found it a bit too self-indulgent – all that me and Charlie Watts were best mates stuff, grates very easily. Tell us something fascinating or even mildly interesting about the characters you’d met or don’t bother and just play the music is my attitude. I’d even caught him being a tipster on some radio show – he’s a big fan of the horses by all accounts. So why this posting? Well the Independent did a 5 minute interview with him this morning – he gets a free plug out of it for his and Cockney Rebel’s upcoming UK tour. It was very short but knee deep in bullsh*t. Continue reading

incomprehensible lyrics

I was listening to Chris Evans’ Radio 2 drivetime programme whilst heading back from Brighton yesterday. The thing was that the BBC computer which hosts and lines up their play list had failed so Chris made do with the tracks from the only thing at his disposal; a compilation album of hits from the 70s. It was actually an amusing show even though the music was pretty dire. There was one decent track – Radar Love from Golden Earring, which always had some great lines – ‘I’ve been driving all night my hands wet on the wheel…and it’s half past four and I’m shifting gear etc. There was the cheesey intro to Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz which I’d forgotten and now can’t get out of my head – ‘Ready Steve? Uh huh. Andy? Yeah. Mick? Okay. Alright fellas, let’s go…’. Let’s gag more like. Continue reading