Wigan gone


Well this is just a quick little posting to say how disappointed I was to see Wigan lose last night and get relegated. I won’t get into all that Spurs v Arsenal stuff because I have several mates on both sides of the N London divide. But I don’t think Wigan were anywhere near the 3rd worst side in the Premiership as their win in the Cup proved. Continue reading

and the winner is….

Well if you’re a football fan from N London it’s been quite a couple of days. I’m amused by the thought that Joe Jordan and Gattuso’s real disagreement could have been about which win was the better; Tottenham’s 1-0 victory over AC Milan at the San Siro or last night’s home victory by Arsenal over the mighty Barcelona. It’s a real poser eh. Both games were cracking adverts f0r the strength and quality within the Premiership but both results were a little unexpected if I was being honest.

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the redknapps

No it’s not a radical¬†Socialist splinter group from the Somali pirate community but one of the more durable partnerships in the strange C-list fusion world of pop girl and footie guy celebrityness. Jamie and Louise probably rank third in the all-time rankings behind Posh ‘n Becks and Cheryl and Ashley, but look set fair to move up to No 2 in the charts following the recent announcement that the UK’s latest Princess of our Hearts, Chezzer, has decided to separate from the guy whose theme tune could be ‘A rim-full of Ashley on the A45’. Within the same week he’s broken both his ankle and his wife’s heart following a stiff tackle from Landon Donovan on the field and his generous largesse of the afore-mentioned ST with a smorgasborg of wannabee WAGs both live and via his mobile’s iPhoto facility. Blimey he even came close to knocking team mate John Terry off the front pages of the red tops with his salacious antics. Bravo Roman, you must be proud of creating The Bridge over Roubled Daughters. Continue reading

spurs: an up and down kind of week

So Spurs came up against a truly mighty reds side and lost a decent game 3-1 in the FA Cup 4th round. I’m interested to know how Spurs fans feel at the end of a momentous week. The win against Arsenal was long overdue and thrilling, even for a northern footie fan. But today….?

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spurs v arsenal: the movie

Word reaches me that the British Film Foundation and Miramax are willing to back the production of the movie ‘5-1!’ celebrating Spurs’ incredible win over Arsenal in the Carling Cup semi-final. Announcing the film, emotional director Sir Dickie Attenborough, said that ‘Although he was a lifelong Chelsea fan, he was moved to tears by the joy of watching a great football match with six cracking goals, and a crowd absolutely enthralled by the spectacle. It’s a long time since anything like that happened down the Bridge’ he sighed. But he perked up when announcing the cast list for what is sure to be the summer blockbuster, when English soccer fans will be pining for some football action. Continue reading

arsenal lose to spurs; lessons learned?

A strange occurrence in the football world last night as Spurs beat their N London rivals for the first time since 1999, when most of the Arsenal side from last night were wearing shorts… to school. Actually it wasn’t just a win it was a 5-1 thrashing. For all Spurs fans it must have been a sweet, sweet moment and for my good friends Shay and Colin, who have had to endure many jibes from me as long-suffering fans of the under-achieving THFC, it must have been v special. Their gracious decision not to send through any ‘who’s smirking now fat boy manurite?’ messages is humbling…and inexplicable. After all it could easily be 9 years before it happens again! Sorry guys, easy joke.

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managerial merry-go-round

Latest news reports say that Marco van Basten the Neths national team manager, who was a guest in the Chelsea Directors’ area of seats on Sunday, is being lined up to be the next manager of Chelski FC. That would not only result in Avram Grant enduring one of the shortest reigns in Premiership managerial history (why didn’t they just give Steve Clark the caretaker manager’s role?) but will also be the catalyst for a series of further moves I reckon. Jol will depart from Spurs, no doubt with that ¬£4m leaving settlement, that definitely hasn’t been agreed nor even discussed, in his back pocket and he will in short order be announced as the next manager of the Dutch team. The vacancy at Spurs will be filled by Jurgen Klinsmann who has recently let it be known that the time may be right for a return to the Premiership in a managerial capacity. And so the football carousel turns.

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