Italy again

Regular readers will know our last visit to Italy was quite traumatic. In fact just about every visit we make there has its dramatic moments. But C and I are clearly Italo-mishap junkies and so decided that we needed to test the Gods of Fun once more by making a flying visit to check on the house etc before our move to New York. Would there be any possibility we could just go there and return without some drama befalling us as this shot of daughter R awaiting our flight home with a beautiful Italian sunset in the background  implies?


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Italy, always a drama

Well we’re back from a short trip to our place in Italy and as ever it was eventful. First off bloody Stansted. What’s the matter with the people who work there? We rose early (3am!) and got there in good time, had checked-in in advance and only had hand luggage with us. All we had to do was go through the security check and catch a plane. Huh. Everything was going just fine until C handed them, as per security instructions, a clear plastic bag with her small cosmetics in. They had an issue with the bag because it was zippered; apparently it needed to be a plastic bag with a press strip closing. When C asked why, she was informed ‘because of cabin pressures’. Eh?

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oh joy, stansted again

Well tomorrow we’re heading off for a few days at our home in Italy. We haven’t been for several months now as we’ve so enjoyed the winter here in the UK. As ever there’ll be a lot to do to get the place straight. Our first task may be to try and get the energy company Enel to reconnect our supply which got disconnected it seems recently. Don’t ask. Our good friend and neighbour Pauline has been valiantly trying to get us re-booted over the last few days in the in midst of packing up hundreds of boxes as she’s recently sold her property. It’s always complicated in Italy – although bills have been paid, it’s also necessary to fax copies of receipts to Enel to prove that they’ve banked the money. Apparently they wouldn’t know otherwise. Anyway fingers crossed it’ll all get sorted. Meanwhile I’m so looking forward to catching up with the joys of Stansted early tomorrow morning. Yeh right.

ciao amici


ps more on the new design and theme for the blogsite shortly