More things I’ve noticed

Well after the last posting which was a bit of an old school cliff-edge rant I thought I return to gentler pastures and talk about a recurring theme in my postings; stuff I notice and just feel compelled to write about. It’s always pretty mundane stuff but it strikes a chord with me. And I have 4 topics this evening for you ooh.

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Gayer than springtime

Now I could be in trouble with this posting. I don’t want to offend but fear I might. You see we’ve been watching Strictly like everyone else for what seeems like the last 5 months and I have to say it’s been enjoyable. I especially loved it when Debbie McGee got to do the dance off. She’s not my favourite  to be honest. For someone who looks like a crinkly pringle, she takes herself far too seriously as a dancer and her facial reaction on hearing that news that she might be heading out of the competition was just indescribably mouth-watering. Not that pringles have that effect on me normally. Continue reading

Goodbye Mr Quips




I know millions will disagree but there was unconfined joy in this household this week at the news that Sir Bruce Forsyth has at long last decided to remove his patent leather shoes and that ridiculous rug and retire from presenting Strictly Come Dancing. Jeez I’ve had to wait until the hoofer turned 86 (that’s like 653 in old goat years) before giving up squinting at his cue cards and mangling his useless quips and punchlines. I was starting to believe that the cancer would get me before he called it a day. Hufriggingrrah

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New expressions


Several new phrases have entered the media language this week-end spawned by the actions of two of our enduring entertainers, who are occasionally celebrated in this blog (and if you can’t guess their identities the image above is a clue to both of them!).

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Getting older

Well it’s been a while since my last posting here because I’ve had a few medical issues of late though all’s good now thankfully. Regular readers may know that due to my surgery and ongoing treatment I’ve had to cease my consultancy stuff and have set up a writing service, called It’s Write for You, aimed at local businesses and individuals who require some help with things like website content, CVs, speeches etc. After several months getting it established I’m at last starting to pick up clients nicely. One of the things that people say they like is my website at and a key feature on there is a blog section, which tends to get more regularly updated than Pasta Paulie. So there’s always a chance of picking up new postings on there, if you were interested, though to be honest the postings are more locally focused and less irreverent as it’s a business site after all. So maybe not the place for biting rants and criticsm.

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reality tv; the public’s revenge

Now come on, why would you want to vote for a sorry old bloke who can’t sing and looks like a refugee from a hippy colony in a high-profile talent competition? Because I sense the public have had enough of the squabbling (amongst the judges!) and being milked by the likes of Simon Cowell and his blessed record/music business. And they are voting for Wagner at the expense of far better singers in the hope, I believe, that they can secure a very unlikely (and in Cowell’s case presumably highly unwelcome ) winner of the X Factor.  Do you think Simon and Syco Music will fancy their chances of a Xmas No1 next year with this Brazilian sherbert?

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let’s dance

As Duncan Thicket might say, have you nerticed how many programmes there are on prime-time TV about dancing? The schedules have gone absolutely dance crazy. The daddy of them all, Strictly Come Dancing, has spawned many bastard children; ITV’s Dancing on Ice,  So You Think You Can Dance also from the BBC (featuring as a judge the heavily re-treaded Arlene Philipps), Sky’s Got to Dance fronted by a leotarded Davina McCall and Channel 4’s Only When I Dance. Channel 5 must feel like they’re missing out on a huge wave of popular culture and as we speak are probably holding commissioning meetings through the night to try and decide what their ‘innovative and different’ dance formula will be.

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and the winner is….

Well what a night for winners eh? The biggest had to be ITV over the BBC. By all accounts more 10m people voted for  the X Factor finalists compared with 0.5m for the Sports Personality of the Year. The audience figures  must have been similarly  skewed too I suspect. Why on earth do the BBC put their flagship programmes up against the behemoth that is X Factor? It strikes me as bonkers. Wouldn’t it have been better to schedule SPOTY to next Sunday evening when they would have presumably dominated the weekend viewing with the final of the Beeb’s Strictly Come Dancing capturing the Saturday night audience. But what do I know?

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