socialising and radio 4

Quite an odd combo you might think. But bear with me. Having been living like hermits for the last few months we’ve suddenly been surprisingly active on the social scene. It’s not likely to trouble the diary pages of the Daily Mail but for us it’s been quite diverting, having hardly seen a soul in ages, outside of the family of course.

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at long last summer

Well it was a long time coming following the storms and the floods but at long last the summer arrived this weekend in Buckingham. What a weekend of great weather. We had more folks on Saturday to see the house but it’s not likely to develop into anything, just for a bloody change. Never mind Sunday was just a brilliant day. I cleaned our water feature that hadn’t been used for at least 2 years and it now smells lovely and clean. I also re-painted the sheds, fencing and garden gates so they all look great again. All this with my shorts on and shirt off for a change. Later our oldest friend Lawrie stopped by en route from London to Yorkshire and we had – get this – a barbeque! First of the year I think. It was great just to sit out in our lovely garden with friends, have a few glasses of refreshing crisp wine, reflect positively on having done some much-needed improvements to the garden, listen to a Lewis Hamilton win in the GP and a Man U win in the Community Shield (and against Russia FC!). It was enough to take our minds off the house situation etc for a spell at least. Later this week we are heading back to Italy to check on things and survey the carnage to our garden there. That dolce vita seems a long way off still, but at least the weather’s turned. Here’s hoping our luck does too.