Trying too hard to Take That

Another posting about tv – this ones all about Suzuki cars’ newest marketing partnership. They have a long-standing sponsorship association with ITV Saturday night entertainment programmes or, put more simply, shows featuring the ubiquitous Ant & Dec. And to back it up they formed an advertising link up with the duo themselves showing them driving around in their cars meeting fans etc for use as break bumper ads around the lads’ shows. I always thought that was pretty lazy thinking. Why target the same audience twice? But all that changed when Ant only went and crashed his actual car (not a Suzuki) whilst pissed and his addictions became public knowledge. Hence a year out of the public eye recovering at the Priory, which kind of created an Ant-sized hole in the Suzuki partnership strategy.

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Robbie Bland

I’ve been writing a bit lately about ageing and I notice I have been getting a little more reflective and mellower in my postings. It’s a sign of getting older I guess. I’d far rather watch Time Team than X Factor these days and I started wearing comfortable rather than stylish clothes quite a while ago. It comes to us all. But I have taken particular interest in the ageing process of one Robbie Williams of late, the one-time bad boy of Take That whose latest album has an intriguing title….


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last thoughts on Take That and the comeback of comebacks

I recognise it’s stretching a bit to do 3 postings around the subject of dropping my family off and collecting them later from a Take That concert. But hey if I’m going to do these 50 postings in December than I need to extract juice from anywhere. I was reflecting during the long drive home how incredible has been the turn around in the fortunes of TT. They were huge of course as one of the early boy bands and then when Robbie left the slide started and within a year or so they’d decided to split. I think that was around 1996. Then they just disappeared.

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late night

Well the girls and S had a good old time at the Take That concert. As a first experience I think he really enjoyed it – a bit late for him by the end but such a thrill. By all accounts he was singing along to all the recent big hits. C and I headed up to the original Greenwich village for a bite to eat whilst the concert was on. We had a super meal at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Don’t know if you’ve tried these guys – they have a few outlets around but sensational burgers, nice venues, great service and really reasonably priced. Continue reading

take that…again

My daughters and grandson S are off to see Take That tonight at their final show at the O2. It’s S’s first concert and he’s very excited apparently. Kind of spooky really because we met the lads when they had just broken into the charts with Only Takes a Minute and they were appearing at the Children’s Royal Variety Show. We had some friends who were sponsoring the event. Both the lads and our daughters were quite young then. Mark took a bit of a shine to E if I remember; now she’s taking her son to see them. Isn’t life full of twists? Continue reading