blackwell leaves the black hole

It was sad to read that Kevin Blackwell has resigned as manager at Luton, the club that is in serious danger of disappearing into the ether. There has been mal-administration there for years and they are currently in the hands of the administrators with their key players being flogged off at an alarming rate. You can’t blame the players – they haven’t been paid in months except when Blackwell has put his hand in his own pocket for them. There might not even be a first team to take on Liverpool in the FA Cup replay after their truly gutsy performance last week. Continue reading


the big one

If you’re a football fan you’ll appreciate that today’s one of the big derby days in world football. It could be Man U v City or Inter v AC but it’s not. Nor is it Liverpool v Everton, Celtic v Rangers, Real v Athletico, River Plate v Boca nor even Sheff Wed v the Blades. However the last one is closer in terms of playing level. If you know my footballing passions you’re probably guessed it by now; it’s the first clash of the NW Lancs titans as Blackpool visit Preston for the first match up between the sides in years. I know you’re all relishing the fixture too….

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gaunty and cov

Well Gaunty’s had a bad week; there was all that nonsense with the Euro MEP calling him racist during a heated debate from an OB feature at the European parliament the other day, then his beloved football team Coventry City announce they’re on the verge of going into administration (unless the Ray Ranson consortium can come up with the necessary buy-out investment).

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