the not so special one

So Avram Grant gets the sack. We forecast it months ago but he’s lasted longer than I ever imagined. It never was going to be an inspired appointment, although that’s how Kenyon and Buck tried to present it at the news conference to announce his appointment as Chelsea manager. He was following in the footsteps of the most successful manager in Chelsea history, Jose Mourinho, the self-anointed ‘special one’. But he came in as a friend of Abramovitch having, it is said, been active in undermining Jo-Mo’s position at the club whilst Director of Football (a position JM thought was unnecessary). The players never really took to him – referring to him as Avram Can’t. Several, including the influential Drogba, openly flaunted their disappointment over the Mourinho sacking ( and by inference their disenchantment with his successor). Not a good start… Continue reading

spurs v arsenal: the movie

Word reaches me that the British Film Foundation and Miramax are willing to back the production of the movie ‘5-1!’ celebrating Spurs’ incredible win over Arsenal in the Carling Cup semi-final. Announcing the film, emotional director Sir Dickie Attenborough, said that ‘Although he was a lifelong Chelsea fan, he was moved to tears by the joy of watching a great football match with six cracking goals, and a crowd absolutely enthralled by the spectacle. It’s a long time since anything like that happened down the Bridge’ he sighed. But he perked up when announcing the cast list for what is sure to be the summer blockbuster, when English soccer fans will be pining for some football action. Continue reading

Keegan: Special K or K Mart?

Oh deep joy. The K’s back and all is well in Geordie land. I couldn’t believe the news last night; Newc U have only gone and appointed the bottler. If ever a club owner made an appointment just to appease the fans and make himself look great, then this was it. In spades with a cherry on top. The place’ll be packed, KK will blow £100m before the end of January and in 11 months time little kev will run off back to his soccer circus or whatever it is citing unacceptable pressures and the need to spend more time with the family. But let’s not be churlish, the Premiership just got to be fun again. I’d love it, love it if KK yet again led them to the Promised land only to be thwarted by the miserable scottish bastard at the door. Let the Games begin.


big sam joining little sam?

Clutching their P45’s that is perhaps? What do you think? Allardyce wasn’t the managerial choice of new owner Mike Ashley, he spent quite a bit of money in the transfer window and after a decent start they’ve now gone 5 games picking up just one point in the process. It’s not exactly the biggest slump of all time but the toon are starting to get badly beaten; the fans are, in the words of that great observer of human nature Joey Barton, turning ‘vicious’ in their criticism of the manager and the standard of play, and yesterday it came out that a delegation of senior players led by captain Geremi are making representations to the manager about his tactics and methods. It all sounds very recent Bolton-like.

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gaunty and cov

Well Gaunty’s had a bad week; there was all that nonsense with the Euro MEP calling him racist during a heated debate from an OB feature at the European parliament the other day, then his beloved football team Coventry City announce they’re on the verge of going into administration (unless the Ray Ranson consortium can come up with the necessary buy-out investment).

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so more not less, wes eh?

I’m just listening to the Man U v Fulham match on the radio. Man U 2-0 up and seemingly coasting to victory. Two goals from Ronanldo who’s added, what, 12 goals in 11 games now? And they said he’d never repeat last year’s scoring achievements. At this rate and in this form he could well exceed them. He’s that special. Anyway my mind was wandering a bit and I was thinking of this football snippet I saw over the weekend. It was a little piece which reported that Man U’s Wes Brown had rejected a new offer from the club of £50k per week on a 4 year deal.

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