Looking back

So here’s the thing, I was reflecting on that last posting where my fab grandson Sam, and mate Chizz, were interviewing me about things gone by. I thought to myself it was fun to reminisce but it’s raised some thoughts within me. When you get to my age the temptation must be to look back fondly on all those memories because your life is no longer cool. But mine is still vibrant. So what?

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return of the pool guy

Regular readers will know about our swimming pool. In the 12 June posting I wrote about what a state it was in after being left uncared for over a year, whilst we were back in the UK. We had virtually emptied it and cleaned it before the torrential rains came and filled up the deep end again, rather depressingly. We also noticed that the lining had come away from the pool sides in several places and hadn’t returned with the weight of rain water on it. For over two weeks we’ve been trying to get in touch with Andrea , who installed the pool for the previous owners, and yesterday he turned up. Continue reading

palazzo ricci

Just look at this place, stunning eh? This is the stairwell at Palazzo Ricci in Macerata. It’s a fairly large university town about an hour north of us in the Marche region. It’s most famous for its 7000-seater open air ampitheatre, the Sferisterio (built in the 1820s as a venue for handball!) which hosts an opera season each July. It’s a youngish, busy, affluent town and there are loads of clothes and shoe shops. For a few days we have C’s lovely cousin P staying with us and yesterday was their retail therapy day. I was happy to drive but I learned long ago about letting the girls do their shopping thing whilst I go off and browse around. It’s the only way… Continue reading

me, myself and Iamwhatiam

I was just listening to the BBC’s Radio 5 channel this evening on the computer and learned that the band Coldplay had performed an amazing gig outside the BBC’s Wood Lane HQ building tonight. A few thoughts:

– well they would say it was amazing wouldn’t they

– but why did Coldplay do it when Chris Martin had a major fall-out/storm-out in an interview with the broadcaster’s radio 4 channel just the other day (world-wide publicity, stupid!)

– whatever, don’t you wish you had the talent to be able to perform like this?

I have no musical talent whatsoever. I once played the glockenspiel at a primary school carol concert and because I improvised some notes, which in my view improved Mozart’s original work, was banned from ever performing musically again. I was 9 at the time. Since then I have never even picked up an instrument. Continue reading