the redknapps

No it’s not a radical┬áSocialist splinter group from the Somali pirate community but one of the more durable partnerships in the strange C-list fusion world of pop girl and footie guy celebrityness. Jamie and Louise probably rank third in the all-time rankings behind Posh ‘n Becks and Cheryl and Ashley, but look set fair to move up to No 2 in the charts following the recent announcement that the UK’s latest Princess of our Hearts, Chezzer, has decided to separate from the guy whose theme tune could be ‘A rim-full of Ashley on the A45’. Within the same week he’s broken both his ankle and his wife’s heart following a stiff tackle from Landon Donovan on the field and his generous largesse of the afore-mentioned ST with a smorgasborg of wannabee WAGs both live and via his mobile’s iPhoto facility. Blimey he even came close to knocking team mate John Terry off the front pages of the red tops with his salacious antics. Bravo Roman, you must be proud of creating The Bridge over Roubled Daughters. Continue reading

taxi for lovejoy

As you can tell I’m catching up with things back in the UK as quickly as I can but one programme on the telly has left me speechless in its awfulness. Is it just me or is Tim Lovejoy’s new programme, the obsessively-titled David Beckham’s Soccer USA, a pile of crap? I’ve written before about how much I enjoy watching Lovejoy especially on the massively irreverent Soccer AM. A programme designed to promote Sky’s football output clearly but one which broke the mould – allowing fans to celebrate what’s great, awful and funny about the game and to produce and star in their own programme. But this DBSUSA rubbish is an appalling rip off.

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One of the very few programmes I missed badly whilst out in Italy was Soccer AM. We can get lots of UK soccer on the Italian Sky platform but not the UK Sky sports channels. The thing I like about Soccer AM is that it is the only footie programme based on the fans’ view of the game not some panel format of opinionated tired old pundits (see Jimmy over the Hill blog) nor inarticulate cliche-ridden ex footballers and managers now earning a second fortune with a meeja career. Have you ever listenned to Peter Beardsley talking? Can he deliver a sentence without using the phrase ‘to be fair’? Or have you listenned to the pearls of wisdom dripping from the lips of Bobby Gould – it’s just mumbo jumbo. Or two of my personal favourites on BBC, Carlton Palmer – unintelligible and Garth Crooks – deliverer of the most convoluted and meaningless questions. Nothing insightful, interesting, amusing or telling. But Soccer AM’s different.

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