So wrong it’s good


I need to admit it; I have an unusual interest. It’s nothing too creepy, I like to look at and admire things that are just a little bit wrong or not terribly good. Simple things like enjoying the images of a carefree Carl Vorderman emerging from the ITV studios in a bodycon dress that’s just a teeny bit too tight or the way Paul Scholes tackled. Possibly the greatest midfielder England has ever produced with the ball at his feet, but a complete lummox when it came to trying to take the ball from the feet of others. If he could have tackled like Booby Moore he would be regarded as better than Pele. Unfortunately his tackling prowess was closer to Brian Moore’s. But to watch him scythe down an opponent a good two minutes after the guy had passed the ball to a team-mate was a source of sheer joy to me. He turned contact clumsiness into an art form and he’d cap it with a show of utter disbelief whenever he was pulled up by some short-sighted referee and shown a very rare yellow card. Ah priceless.


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just jules

I don’t know if you remember but I did a posting (‘deja vu viewing’, Sept 4) about this day-time programme called ‘Have I Been Here Before’ which invited minor celebs to undergo a regression session. It did nothing but show that our dreams are rarely anchored in fact and they had this historian, Jules Hudson, to prove that there was no evidence to show that our celebs had been here before. Big surprise eh! If I was being charitable I’d say it was a diverting half hour but to be honest it was just a pile of rubbish. Anyway after writing the posting I was surprised to receive quite a flurry of comments from the said Jules and another reader, Lizzie Falconer, who is a renowned pyschic and soul therapist. It made for better entertainment than anything I served up. But you sensed some deeper issues.

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