Alligator pools

So HNY dear readers. A while since I sat blogged and so much to write about; the beautifully talented Pele, my grandson’s appearance on the English football scene as the country’s youngest ever manager, the state of the UK, and our latest move from Stratford-upon-Avon to Towcester. Maybe I’ll focus on that to begin with….

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traffic mis-management


Now I’ve spoken about the town of Twickenham before. There’s a pleasant bit between the river and Church St containing the oldest houses and some dinky shops, restaurants and the famous Eel Pie pub. But the rest of the town and its main thoroughfares is pretty nondescript and dreary. What makes it worse is that the traffic flow system through the town feels like it’s been designed not by an expert in traffic management but by Homer Simpson. It is a lesson in dumb thinking.

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late night

Well the girls and S had a good old time at the Take That concert. As a first experience I think he really enjoyed it – a bit late for him by the end but such a thrill. By all accounts he was singing along to all the recent big hits. C and I headed up to the original Greenwich village for a bite to eat whilst the concert was on. We had a super meal at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Don’t know if you’ve tried these guys – they have a few outlets around but sensational burgers, nice venues, great service and really reasonably priced. Continue reading